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we are an expert in Adobe In Design, Adobe Frame Maker, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw X7, Quark Express 10, MS Word. Also, I have a good command of almost all the DTP tools I have enough experience to deal with the ME languages. CE languages, Asian languages, and African languages. Our DTP process includes a QA phase using DTP final checks to guarantee the best quality for our clients and delivering the proofread laid-out file of the used application, using various PDF according to the project requirements.

About This Service

Our DTP experts completely understand that a localization and translation projects also involves characters that are complicated, bidirectional, as well as sometimes including sign language. They Create or alter the layouts and designs to include the variation in the size and direction of the display owing to the difference in the length of characters. Desktop Publishing process covers Creation & update of Designs. Our DTP professionals have 10+ years of experience in the publishing and related industries, and all they are well-versed in Coral draw,Adobe Indesign,AI,Pagemaker, QuarkXpress and other electronic publishing technologies..


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What's Included

  • Per Page Rate - 5 USD

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